Stitch your dreams
with precision & passion.

Our quilting machines ensure every project
becomes a masterpiece. 

Are you in search of learning a new craft to express your creativity? Learn to make art quilts with our state-of-the-art quilting sewing machines. These machines will change your life because they’re so easy to use. First-time quilters can produce a beautifully crafted quilt like a pro with a little guidance and a quality quilt machine. 

My name is Barb Rubio, and I’ve been quilting for many years. I’m here to guide you through the delightful process of quilting. Art Quilts Hawaii will introduce you to top-of-the-line longarm quilting machines, ensuring you become proficient in your craft. Join in, share the joy with fellow quilters, and ponder: which memories would you like to weave into your quilt?

Longarm Quilters – Unleash your quilt creativity

Barb will support you through every stitch. Discover quilting. Finish quilts faster. Build a business.

Join us for clubs!

Our clubs provide a deeper dive into unlocking your creative potential and you will experience coaching.

We encourage you to embrace quilting as an art form and a personal journey, shifting from rigid patterns.

Clubs are a place for you to ask questions and explore longarm quilting skills

Hey there, Quilting enthusiasts!

Do you have a passion for patterns, a love for layers, and a fascination with fabrics?

  • Exclusive quilting tutorials
    and tips
  • Invites to quilting
    workshops and events
  • Special discounts on
    quilting supplies
  • Stories from our community
    of crafters, just like you

Let’s stitch together
a beautiful journey.


Be part of something amazing!

First Wednesday 10am – Complete Quilt Club
First Sunday 9am – Design a Quilt
Second Friday 7pm (virtual) – Build a Quilt Library
Third Thursday 10am – Building Blocks
Third Saturday 9am – Quilty Clubhouse
January 15th 9am (virtual) – Holiday Quilting Cruise





All Inclusive Longarm Quilt Retreat

On Oahu, March 2024

Ready to learn new longarm skills and produce one-of-a-kind projects on Handi Quilter Machines. Join this all inclusive retreat today!


Session 1 – Creative Camp Quilt-Away   
March 13-19


Session 2 – Creative Camp Quilt-Away  –
March 20-26 – $1,500


Do you have any questions about Quilting? 

Visit our Quilty Clubhouse location: 91-1660 Orrick St., Ewa Beach.

Quilts for Sale!

Experience the joy of shopping at our unique quilt studio. Browse our extensive selection of threads, fabrics, notions and more.  Discover a quilt store with a personal shopping assistant.

Art Quilts Hawaii located at: 91-1660 Orrick St. Ewa Beach, HI 96706

Dive into the world of creative quilting. You will find one of the largest 108 wide backing fabric collections to choose from, bright beautiful fabric bundles, an amazing selection of threads, and all the long arm and quilt notions you have been looking for.


  • WonderFil Threads
  • Variety of brands and colors of 108 Wide fabric
  • Fabrics by Free Spirit, Moda and other artistic styles (Tula Pink collection carried for 2024)
  • HQ Accessories
  • Batik and Dyed Fabrics
  • Bundles, kits and quilts for sale to gift

Barb’s in-home quilt studio has a welcoming environment.

Quilting Education

I invest in bringing Handi Quilter’s national educators from the mainland to the island, both in person and through virtual means.

Don’t forget to inform your friends about the talented educators who have graced Hawaii with their presence and will continue to do so at Art Quilts Hawaii events. Spread the word among your friends to help everyone become part of our vibrant Quilty Clubhouse community.

Key Yearly Events in Educators’ Schedules

  • March Creative Camp Quiltaway
  • Summer Event
  • October Booth in the Holiday Craft and Gift show at the Blaisdell Convention Center
  • November Veterans Day Weekend

Ensure you don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities. Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter and keeping an eye on upcoming events.

Do you have any questions about Quilting? 

Visit our Quilty Clubhouse location: 91-1660 Orrick St., Ewa Beach.

Enhance your quilting projects with unparalleled speed, precision, and creativity by incorporating PRO-STITCHER, the advanced computerized quilting system designed to complement your longarm machine. PRO-STITCHER offers a vast library of expertly crafted patterns and designs, typically acquired through years of experience. This innovative system allows for limitless customization and can seamlessly integrate with free-motion, ruler-work, and other quilting techniques. It’s your gateway to professional-level quilting right from the beginning of your quilting journey.

Exploring Japan Through Quilting

Exploring Japan Through Quilting

Exploring Japan Through Quilting Travel has always been a passion of mine, starting with my participation in sports at a young age. The constant travel for competitions sparked my interest in seeing new places and cultures. This desire led me to join the Army, where I...

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Let’s Talk Thread

Let’s Talk Thread

If you've started sewing clothes and other projects, you probably matched your thread to the fabric and used it in the bobbin. However, as a quilter, thread is like fabric, and you can choose any pretty color or use only a neutral like cream. Who are the Quilt Police?...

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Learn More About
Longarm Quilting Machines

I will help you choose the best quilting machine for your projects and space.

Selecting the perfect quilting machine and frame set is a significant step in your quilting journey, and I’m here to assist you in making the right choice. I will simplify the process by helping you to first choose your quilting machine and then the frame that complements it, and guide you through various combinations to suit your unique needs.

To start your quilting adventure, visit our sales & service page. You’ll discover a range of quilting machines suitable for all skill levels, known for their precision and durability. One standout option is the Pro-Stitcher, available in two models, which enhances your quilting capabilities and results.

Your choice of frame is equally vital, as it determines the size and style of quilts you can create. My commitment to you extends beyond your initial purchase. I’m here to provide ongoing support and service to ensure your quilting journey is enjoyable and successful. 

Longarm Machines set includes:

–  Machine
–  Frame or table

Prices start at $5000

Handi Quilter 5 year warranty. Set-up and training included.
Each purchase is the beginning of a quilt journey.

Handi Quilter Moxie + Little Foot or Loft Frame $4,995

Handi Quilter Amara + 10 or 12′ Studio2 Frame $13,495

Handi Quilter Infinity + 10 or 12-foot Gallery2 Frame $20,495