About Barb

Quilting & Training Are My Passion

Growing up, I received quilts from my grandma, Memow, in Iowa.

These experiences sparked my love for quilting! The warmth of those quilts stayed with me, even as I embarked on my journey with the Army. It was during one of my visits back to Memow that I initiated my hands-on quilting journey, starting modestly on a $99 Singer, and eventually mastering the art on a Bernina. My military career and wanderlust took me around the globe, allowing me to amass a beautiful collection of fabrics and hone my craft.

Having hung up my military boots in 2017, I took a deep dive into the multifaceted world of quilting. From crafting poignant memory quilts to diving into the realm of digital designs and fabric printing, my explorations have been vast and fulfilling.

Today, from the serene shores of Oahu, I effortlessly juggle my part-time quilting enterprise while representing Handi Quilter machines and Wonderfil threads. My quest for knowledge never ceases, as I continuously delve into novel software and innovative design techniques.

My mission? To share the pure elation of quilting across the Hawaiian archipelago, guiding others to unearth their artistic flair within this timeless craft.

To me, each quilt is more than just fabric and thread; it’s a tangible manifestation of affection, evoking warmth and happiness. Whether it’s spotting one of my creations draped over a friend’s couch or at a family gathering, the joy is unparalleled. With memories from over 60 countries and the discipline of a 26-year military stint, I cherish the liberty of crafting quilts my way – spontaneous, and devoid of rigid patterns. Outside the quilting realm, you can catch me taking a refreshing swim, hiking Hawaii’s trails, or immersed in lively conversations with my neighbors.

I welcome any comments on your quilt preferences for inspiration. Remember, love what you do and make time for your passions!

Best, Barb

P.S. My real passion lies in creating art, providing machines, and training quilters, discovered through my journey as a Handi Quilter Retailer.


Air Balloons




Whimsical Air Balloons

A bright fun and happy quilt. The backing is large green floral and the front saturated fabric with a paint brush look.

This beauty is 57 x 71 for $250