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Quilting Classes

Quilting Classes for Every Experience Level

Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of quilting? Come join us at Art Quilts Hawaii for our extensive lineup of quilting classes year round! Connect with other quilters, gain valuable knowledge, and have fun while enhancing your skills. We have quilting classes for beginners, as well as more advanced classes. Sign up now to secure your spot in our 2023 Summer Fun classes and embark on a creative journey!

Enjoy Small Class Sizes


Classes at Art Quilts Hawaii are private and exclusive events. Our classes are tailor-made for groups of three or more, ensuring personalized attention and guidance. The best part? There’s no need to bring anything! Every requisite for the class is already factored into the fee. So, whether you want a solo experience or plan to make it a fun outing with friends, we’ve got you covered. Beginners or seasoned quilters, our classes are designed to cater to everyone, allowing each participant to unleash their creative flair!

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Clubhouse Space Limited: Ideal Group Size Under 10, Classes Preferably 3-4. Flexible One-on-One Sessions Available.

You have the flexibility to plan a small group session with your friends at our Ewa Beach location, or I can come to your preferred location to provide instruction on your own quilting machine. No need to wait for others to sign up; you can set your own date.

In our classes, I focus on using engaging projects as a means to teach valuable skills and broaden your quilting techniques. Many of these skills can be applied to various projects, ensuring that your quilting experience is tailored to your interests. So, don’t hesitate to sign up for a class and let’s discuss how we can make the project truly captivating for you.

Special Interests

If you’re eager to elevate your quilting journey to new heights, consider reaching out to Art Quilts Hawaii. Together, we can embark on a creative adventure, where I’ll serve as your coach, connecting you with like-minded individuals who share your passion for quilting. Let’s explore, find inspiration, and uncover solutions that will enrich your quilting experience.

Our clubhouse offers limited space, making it ideal for smaller groups, with club gatherings accommodating less than ten individuals. Classes, on the other hand, are designed with 3-4 participants as the ideal size. But, if you prefer a more personalized experience, we offer the option to schedule one-on-one sessions at your convenience.


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Let’s differentiate our workshops from classes. Workshops extend over several sessions or days, providing a deeper dive into unlocking your creative potential and experiencing the difference between coaching and traditional teaching. Attendees will leave with a detailed workbook, equipping them with knowledge and skills they can apply to their projects at home.

In our workshops, we encourage you to embrace quilting as an art form and a personal journey, shifting the focus away from rigid patterns and finished projects. It’s about fostering creativity and a profound understanding of the craft, making it more than just a series of steps to complete a project; it becomes an enriching journey in itself.

Planning March 13, 2024

Artistic Quilt Retreat at Windward Retreat Center, Kaaawa, HIĀ 

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Clubs, Sewing Groups, & Friends


Let’s dive into the world of quilting! Reach out to me, Barb Rubio, for a one-of-a-kind quilting experience. Whether you’d like me to come to you or prefer joining me in my home studio, I provide demonstrations and lessons ranging from quilting basics to advanced Longarm techniques.

Suitable for all proficiency levels, my classes equip you with the skills to craft beautiful quilts. Whether it’s hand-sewn quilts, T-shirt quilts, or art quilts, bring your vision and let’s turn it into reality.

At Art Quilts Hawaii, we have engaging clubs, like the Free-Motion Sit-Down Club. It’s hands-on quilting on the Capri, a Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher in-sight stitch-regulated table. Ideal for those using domestic machines, this club delves into quilt designs, techniques, and small projects. Join us for a year of discovery, skill-sharing, and story-telling.

Our events take place every third Saturday of the month. To secure your spot, please sign up on our website or RSVP promptly, as our capacity is limited to 10 participants. As our Quilting Club grows, we’ll be adding more dates to accommodate everyone’s interests. Stay informed about additional dates each month by checking our newsletter.

If you find that you can’t make it to a Club night, consider setting aside some time to attend one of our FREE Open House events. For a more personalized experience, you have the option to schedule a private session at my location, or I can arrange to come to your preferred location for your convenience.

Ewa Beach Quilt Retreat

Craft your own personal retreat experience by scheduling dedicated time to create a meaningful T-shirt or memory quilt alongside Barb. Dive into the world of quilting as you take charge of your own quilt top on a longarm machine. Bring your project, along with matching thread, to ensure a seamless and personalized experience.

Got a box full of fabric stash that’s been waiting to be transformed into beautiful quilts? Let Barb guide you in curating quilt bundles from your collection, setting you on the path to finally put those fabrics to use.

Whatever obstacles may have been holding you back from bringing your creative visions to life, rest assured there’s a solution. Let Barb serve as your coach, providing guidance and support every step of the way. Together, we’ll unlock your creative potential and turn your quilting dreams into reality.

  • Barb has transformed her home into a haven for artists, a true sanctuary for creative souls.
  • Our Open House events offer a wonderful chance for you to freely browse, shop, explore, and seek answers to any questions you may have.
  • If you’d like to take a closer look at the machines or embark on your quilting journey, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us. We’re here to provide hands-on experiences and guidance.
  • Consider joining our classes, and why not arrive a little earlier for a cozy cup of coffee and some engaging “talk story” sessions.
  • To keep your quilting knowledge organized and accessible, we recommend starting a journal where you can jot down all your valuable notes from club meetings, classes, and inspiring talks. It’s the perfect way to document your quilting adventures and insights.