Edge to Edge Bootcamp



Product Description

Edge to Edge for everyone 

There are specific skills to create a beatiful edge to edge design.  This class will focus on basic skills on getting started but will then go in depth on advancing the quilt and merging the rows of designs. 

Choose the class and how you want to learn Edge to Edge.

– Free motion quilting from the front of your machine and learn to cover the quilt consistently with several motifs. 

– Quilt from the Back includes learning about various pantographs, choosing designs and how to inner lock the rows and finish the bottom edge of a quilt. 

– Pro-Stitcher edge to edge is about choosing the quilt space. Choosing a design and resizing it to fill the quilting space. Learning to advance the quilt and how to reposition the needle to quilt the next row or restart after a thread break. 


  • Weight: 1 lb

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