Handi Quilter Amara24 + 10′ or 12′ Gallery2 Frame



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Handi Quilter Forte

Finish your quilts with ease with Handi Quilter Amara24. 24 provides a variety of tools that help you finish more quilts, more creatively, in less time. Amara is a computerized longarm quilting machine that can move through larger quilts faster, sewing two passes before rolling quilt. Time is money, as they say, and sewing more space in less time can truly make a difference. This longarm quilting machine comes with the 10′ or 12′ Gallery2 Frame.

Independently adjustable handlebars with programmable buttons, pinpoint needle laser, easy-set tension, and LED lighting in the throat are just a few of the many convenient, high-tech features making 24 one of the best longarm quilting machines for creative quilting.

Amara 24 is the perfect machine for longarm quilting business. If you loved the Handi Quilter Amara, and are looking for more, you’re sure to love this longarm quilting machine. 



    • Two modes of stitch regulation: Precision or Cruise
    • Manual mode with three customizable preset speeds
    • 24 inch brightly lit throat space
    • Easy-Set Tension
    • 7-inch color touchscreen
    • Handi Feet compatible; includes ruler foot and open-toe foot


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Handi Quilter Forte


  • Weight: 50 lb
  • Class: Longarm
  • Stitch Count: Up to 2,500 per minute
  • Stitches Per Inch: 4-24 stitches per inch
  • Needle System: 134
  • Frame Options: 10' or 12' Gallery Frame
  • Throat Space: 24-inch
  • Display: Touch-screen

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